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Posted 21 Feb, 2019 |

How diabetes can be cured by naturopathy?

VedicWellness University

university | Posted 21 Sep, 2020

An estimated 30.3 million people—representing 9.4 per cent of the population have diabetes. Diabetes is a condition of increasing blood sugar levels in the body. It happens when the ability to produce the hormone insulin is affected to a great extent. This excessive level of sugar in the blood causes heart, lung and kidney problems. The doctors attribute the problem of diabetes in people because of unhealthy eating habits, stress and tension and genetics. It can be caused due to any of these factors. The person feels symptoms like blurred vision, extreme hunger and thirst, getting tired frequently and losing excessive weight.

Consulting a doctor is the first step that an individual reaches for. The doctor prescribes some tests, and then medications are provided for the same. If diabetes is at a mild stage, it can be cured by taking medications and following a proper healthy lifestyle. For a more severe form of diabetes, the person might need to take insulin injections to regulate the blood sugar levels.

Diabetes can be treated in many ways. The most common and popular way is consulting an allopathic doctor who will describe medicines seeing the severity of the condition. But do you think that these oral medications or injections can always be used to cure diabetes? Not only are they painful, but they cause other health issues also. Along with these medicines, if a consistent and healthy diet is followed, it will provide more significant benefits and quick results. This involves curing diabetes through naturopathy, i.e. going all-natural.
Naturopathy treatment can be done to cure diabetes to control the increased blood sugar levels. It ensures the overall health of the patient in a natural way. With the help of naturopathy treatment, the patient can heal himself by making some changes in their lifestyle and adopting a natural way to treat oneself. Naturopathy treatment can be practised in the following ways and help achieve the desired results.

Naturopathy believes that the root cause of any disease is the impurities lying in the body. These toxins and impurities can be removed by undergoing fasting. Fasting can be a very effective treatment in naturopathy to treat diabetic patients. Different kinds of fastings can be done, as suggested by the doctor. Going on a detox or reducing the intake of food or eating fresh fruits, all these are ways in which fasting can be done. Fasting therapy increases the rate at which the blood is purified in the body. It removes all the toxins and impurities by going natural.

Mud therapy is also one of the treatments available in naturopathy. This therapy helps in balancing the digestive system with the endocrine organs. If there exists some imbalance in both, will lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, to treat diabetes, a synchronisation of the digestive system and endocrine organs is a must.
Massage therapy is also very beneficial in curing diabetes as it increases the functioning and flexibility of the nervous and circulatory system. It also reduces tension and relaxes the muscles.

Hydrotherapy is also suggested as one of the treatments in naturopathy, which uses enema as a part of its technique to remove all the toxins from the body. This helps in strengthening the metabolism and regulates the sugar levels in the blood.

Mud bath is also a therapy given under naturopathy. In this, the mud is applied to the abdominal area to increase the blood circulation and flush out all the impurities and toxins from the body.

Yoga and pranayama are also quite useful and proven to be beneficial for treating diabetes. There are many asanas specifically for curing diabetes which improves the functioning of the liver, kidney and digestive system. It also provides relief from stress and anxiety, which is one of the causes of high sugar levels in the blood. It is also effective in weight loss and regulates sound sleep.

Walking for 30-40 minutes regularly is also very beneficial. It manages the blood sugar levels and also keeps a check on the weight.

The colour therapy or chromotherapy is also used for treating diabetes where they use colour for the treatment. The yellow colour is used to stimulate the pancreas, and the green colour is used to activate the thyroid glands.

A well-balanced diet with energy-rich food should also be included. Having a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking juices and adequate amounts of water improves the metabolic rate and removes all the toxins from the body. All these foods help in maintaining a balance in the sugar levels of blood.

Naturopathy treatment can be very effective and beneficial to treat diabetes. Along with the allopathic treatment, natural remedies can be adopted and practised to cure the disease naturally.

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 06 Mar, 2019

Diabetes is a problem which occurs when a person's pancreas is unable to produce the amount of insulin required by his body. Insulin is needed by the body to keep the glucose levelin blood under control. To control this, there are a lot of medicines in the market. However these medicines may lead to many side effects. Therefore people have been looking for alternatives.

Naturopathy focuses on reducing blood sugar levels in the blood by the means of natural supplements, diets, exercises etc. However the routine for individual person is formed according to his body type. 

Naturopathy tries to cure this problem by altering the lifestyle of the patients and providing them with herbal medicines. The most basic methods include asking the patient to exercise regularly and taking walks is also beneficial. Apart from these proper diet plans are designed by professionals. The meals include from no to very low amount of sugar and also ensures that all the nutrients required by the body are present in right proportions.

In cases where the damage is too much and the situation cannot be controlled by these methods then medicines are brought into the picture. However these are not the conventional medicines used, these are special herbal medicines given to the patient according to his requirement. Before starting the treatment the doctors generally note the hormonal imbalances and environmental toxins present in the body.

Thus a few healthy changes can cure the problem in the initial stage. However in case of escalated situation one should consult a doctor.