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How do I become mentally strong?


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Let me give you a heads-up: It won't happen in a week or a few months. And most importantly, the process to become mentally strong won’t necessarily make you feel good. You might be uncomfortable at times.

But then, in the end, all your hard work will be worth it. And it would be evident in your personal and professional success.

Coming to your question now…

There are a lot of things you can do to become mentally strong. Here are some of the things you should do:

(i) Stay away from social media platforms

This might be a controversial topic.

Yes, there are many pros of social media platforms. But there are also too many cons. If you’re trying to add positives in your life, you must first get rid of the negatives.

Stop aimlessly scrolling through the social media feeds. Unknowingly, it's negatively affecting your sub-conscious. What others are doing (people who you do not even care about) invoke negative emotions and get you to feel insecure. Plus, you seeking validation about your looks and intellect from others in form of 'likes' and 'hearts' is the most harmful thing you can do.

Stop using social media platforms.

(ii) Find a role model

Find a person who you want to be like in terms of personality, emotional intelligence -- someone who you admire and get inspired from.

It could be anyone -- from a celebrity and news reporter to your friends and family members.

Then every time, whenever you feel emotionally devastated, think what this person would do if she/he was in this place. And then act accordingly.

(iii) Create a list of things that you're good and bad at

Take time to jot down all the things that you're good at and the things you're bad at. And then take a systematic approach to further strengthen your positives and improve the negatives.

For instance, if you easily over-react to things, the next time something happens, take note of how you're acting now. OR, if you're a friendly person, further invest to enhance your interpersonal skills.

(iv) Take up an ideal physical activity

Gym, swimming, boxing, running, soccer -- take up any physical activity that you would enjoy. And then invest some time every day on it.

When you’re physically fit, you feel much better. The levels of endorphins in your body increases and you almost immediately start noticing positive changes in your body and behavior.

And when you're feeling better, it's imminent that you're going to emotionally react to situations in a positive way.

(v) Start meditation. Every day.

This is essential. Just a few minutes of meditation every day can bring a drastic change in your life. So, start meditating.

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(vi) Learn new things, experience new experiences  

Feeling emotionally weaker has to do a lot with self-esteem. When you don't feel good about yourself, you feel much vulnerable to external factors. So, the moment you start improving your self-esteem, a lot will change.

The best way to improve your self-esteem is to learn new things and experience new experiences. Learn a new language. Travel alone. Go and watch a movie alone. Learn MMA. Do something. Invest in yourself and make improvements every single day.

(vii) Surround yourself with the right people

You're an average of the four people you spend the most time with.

So, if you're spending days with negative, un-ambitious people who complain all the time and are emotionally wrecked, you will eventually become like them.

Make changes in your company. Be careful about the kind of people you’re spending your time with. If your tribe is good, so will you be. If they are positive and responsible individuals, these positive traits will latch on to you. And you will feel much better emotionally.  

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(viii) Start helping others

Go out, find a homeless person who hasn’t eaten anything today. And buy him a good meal.

And then notice how you feel seeing him eat.

You will feel magical, filled with gratitude.

When we help others, it releases oxytocin in our blood. And this helps improve our mood and fight back stress.

(ix) Find comfort in your own company

'Being alone' has gotten a bad name in the mainstream today. And it's sad.

Being all by yourself, happy and content, is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

Start feeling comfortable with your own company. Learn how to enjoy your time alone. When you're away from others -- and their dramas -- you find yourself emotionally stable. You find yourself happier and much at ease.

You're self-sufficient. You don't need people in your life. Your happiness depends on your own self and not others. When you get in this state, you will find you're controlling your emotions much better.

These are 9 ways how you can become emotionally stronger. Do them on a very regular basis until they become a habit. With consistency, you will notice a significant improvement in how you’re dealing with emotions in your day to day life. All the best! :)


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