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How do you interpret comments of PM Modi on Ram Mandir in his interview to ANI?


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If you look at it, there isn’t much in his statement. But when looked closely, a lot of things come unearthed.

“The ordinance on Ram Mandir can arise only after legal process gets over and Supreme Court gives its verdict,” PM Modi said on Ram Mandir in his interview to ANI, giving an example of how the government cleared an ordinance on Triple Talaq only after the verdict of Supreme Court.

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The statement is well calculated with the rhetorical of ‘the law will take its course’ that our politicians love so much. He managed to bring a balance in appealing different sections—those who do not care about Ram Mandir and those who are obsessively demanding “Mandir wahi banega”.

His comment on Ram Mandir during this 95-minute long interview to ANI also comes as an extinguisher to the fire that RSS and BJP leaders have set as of late on the issue.

For instance, only recently, RSS’s Chief Mohan Bhagwat, in his public speech, asked the government to pass a law to allow the building of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya instead of testing “the patience of the society”.

The deputy chief of RSS, Suresh Joshi, went a step ahead to not just demand an ordinance from the government but also to doubt and accuse the judiciary. In a rally organized by VHP, he said, “There are circumstances in which people begin to be doubtful about the judiciary... It is the duty of Parliament to pave way for the construction of Ram Temple...We are not begging.”

BUT, immediately after PM Modi’s interview to ANI, RSS issued a statement, entirely changing its tone and saying that it agrees with whatever the prime minister has said and that it’s a positive step on his part, which the organization welcomes.

Here’s what the release reads, “We feel that the statement by Prime Minister Modi is a positive step in the direction of temple construction. The Prime Minister reiterating the resolve to construct a grand Sri Ram temple in Ayodhya in his interview is in tune with the resolution passed by the BJP at Palampur in 1989. In this resolution, the BJP had stated that they would try to construct the grand Sri Ram temple at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya through mutual dialogue between the two communities or by enabling required legislation.”

How conveniently they changed their narration. After losing to Congress in three key states, this certainly comes as a much-needed strategy change on BJP and RSS’s part.


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Going ahead with Ram Mandir with an ordinance would be a communally catastrophic move. Riots would be imminent across the country. And while this may help BJP gain fanatic-like support from its core followers, the middle-class would finally do away from the party—a key section that helped bring Narendra Modi in power in 2014. As it’s already battling a loss in popularity and support, BJP cannot afford to lose the middle-class.

So, the comment of Narendra Modi on Ram Mandir in his interview to ANI is well thought. Kept aside its political relevancy, it’s also good for the whole country. 


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