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rajat Gupta

Former Software developer at Tata Consultancy Services | Posted 20 Nov, 2018 |

How does cystic fibrosis affect the kidney ?

Chandan Naiya

Blogger | Posted 24 Dec, 2018

Customarily it has been suspected that the kidney is the main organ which does not appear to be commonly influenced by the malady in spite of the fact that the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance controller (CFTR) quality is communicated in the kidney.

Nandini Moulik

CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Creativekart, Experienced writer, blogger | Posted 09 Dec, 2018

This serious genetic disorder causing extensive damage mainly to the respiratory and digestive systems affects the kidneys as well. Generally, it is perceived that cystic fibrosis spares the kidneys, but there is an increase in incidences where patients of cystic fibrosis (CF) are reporting renal diseases.

 Nearly 65% women with cystic fibrosis are likely to develop stress incontinence or urine leakage arising from cough, sneezing, lifting weight and laughing. About 6% of adult patients having CF develop kidney stones and 40% of them will face recurrences.

CF patients suffering from chronic diarrhea often show altered oxalate absorption which may gradually lead to the formation of calcium containing kidney stones. Higher levels of uric acid and reduced levels of citrate in the urine of such patients also favor formation of kidney stones.

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