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How does Tinder work?


@blogger | Posted on

its fake 80% of female profile are fake 


digital marketer | Posted on

It is an Online Dating App. Through this, you can talk to someone and make friendship. And you can find people around you, who also use this app.
If you want to befriend a boy or girl around you, and if they also use this app, then you can befriend them.
If you go out somewhere, then this app helps you to befriend people around there. With the help of this, you can make Relation with someone.
And it is a very good App for dating. If you also like to befriend new people then use this app.


Follow the steps given below to download the Tinder App.
Download Tinder App - First of all download Tinder App.
Install App - Now install the app after downloading it.
Open App - Now you can use this app by opening it.

How to create account on tinder 
After downloading the Tinder App, an account has to be created to use it.....
Open App 
First of all, open this app.
Connect Facebook ID 
Now to create an account on this, this app will have to connect to its Facebook ID.
Update Facebook Account 
Keep your Facebook Account updated. Because it uses your Facebook data. Like your friend, age, place and your choice is also taken from Facebook ID.
Login App 
After Facebook ID Connect, you login to Tinder App. And this creates an account on your Tinder App.

You have created an account on the Tinder App. Now after creating an account on it, how do you use it? We are telling you this further.
Set Location 
First of all, turn on GPS in your mobile. And set the location. Which makes it easier to get to know the people around you.
Open Setting Menu 
Go to setting option. And in this, you can set your Profile, Gender, Message Setting and all Setting according to yourself.
Select Profile Photo 
Select your profile photo. Get your nice profile photo.
Edit Text 
In this, you can edit your photo. Profile can also be reduced.
Select gender 
Select Male / Female in it.
Search box 
You go to the search box and enter the name of the person you want to search. Do more searches.
Send A Message 
To whom you want to send the message. Then you can send the message from the Option of the message by going to Menu.
In this, you can also like someone's profile like, Dislike and Super Like and when you use this app, you will be taught to run it well. So in this way you can use this app.


blogger | Posted on

Tinder is a dating app where you find a match for yourself. This app is for single men and women. You have to download the app and connect it by using your Facebook ID. You will get so many options that match your profile. Swipe left and right to like or dislike. 


chemist | Posted on

Tinder is an online dating app, but around 70% of female profiles are fake so don't put yourself in dilemna and go ahead and try some others like OkCupid, Bumble etc


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