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chirag Bhayani

RPA developer | Posted on | Science-Technology

How intelligent are software robots?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

A lot!

Software robots are very intelligent. And the more we stride towards a data-dense world, where numbers will rule every decision we make, the more intelligent they will become.

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These robots incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence. Meaning, as they are fed more data, they evolve and grow… just like humans.

They understand things better. They recognize emerging trends better. In fact, there's a good chance, if they have enough data of over the decades and centuries, they would easily be able to predict natural calamities and protect millions of lives.

(There's a reason, after all, even with the threat of AI takeover, humans are investing, with naïve optimism, in robots. Because these machines can make a big difference in our lives… from improving healthcare to removing poverty.)

(Courtesy: Make Magazine)

Imagine a baby… when they come into this world, they know nothing. But over the period, they are exposed to new experiences and information, which eventually turn them into an intelligent being. Some of them even become like Einstein, Plato, Vinci, Aryabhata, and Hawking who go on to take human civilization to newer heights, beyond the custom threshold.

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Compare the same with a software robot. Only, when it is manufactured, it can instantly be fed seamless data. And in no time, it would know more about humans and the world than what the most intelligent human has ever known. From there, the robot evolves with newer data, helping (hopefully) us with predictive analysis and more (maybe even in intergalactic travel).

It's true. We're building AI-powered software robots without fully understanding what would they be capable of. AI takeover, right now, is only an apocalyptic romanticism of the Hollywood that we enjoy pondering over.

(Courtesy: ETF System)

But, again, to answer your question… software robots are very intelligent. And as we enter into the newer future where AI is more natural and machine learning becomes an integrated ecosystem of this world, things are promised to get even more exciting in technology.



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