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Vanisha Anand

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How is live-in relationship different from marriage courtship?


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Love is a beautiful emotion that unites people of all colours, sex, races, castes, and social classes. However, the couples will need to spend more time with one other and even live together in order to enhance or explore their love.


Marriage is a more legal and socially acceptable form of marital interaction. There is a sense of social approval that is alluring and fulfilling in and of itself. Live-in relationships, on the other hand, are a new and rapidly developing trend among young people that allows them to live with their partners without the restrictions of arranged marriages.

In Indian society, living with each other before engagement is still frowned upon, especially in a man-woman connection. It corresponds to the concept of virginity, which is believed to be violated if and when a woman engages in a physical relationship with a man prior to marriage.



Recently, Indian cinema released 'Luka Chuppi,' a film starring Kartik Aryan and Kriti Sanon that depicts the problems that Indian youngsters face when it comes to live-in relationships. It illustrates the difficulty of a couple that agrees to live together in order to get to know each other better before deciding to spend the rest of their life together. However, their conservative families misinterpret them as married, causing a tremendous deal of confusion.



Difference between both - 


Support from family

A live-in relationship is between two persons, whereas a marriage is between two families (for the most part). This is both a good and a negative thing, and the trick is to figure out how you and your partner work together, as well as what your relationship requires. You will have greater family support and engagement in a marriage, which may be helpful to some couples. The stakes are lower with a live-in, as are our expectations, and this may work for some couples.



According to research, married couples have superior physical and mental health than unmarried couples (including live-in partners). Chronic disease rates are lower in married couples, and they recover faster.



Main difference

Marriage is defined as a legally acknowledged union between two people. It is the couple's formal pledge to each other. A live-in relationship, on the other hand, is a type of arrangement in which a couple decides to live together as if they are married. In most cases, this type of partnership is neither legal nor religiously sanctioned.





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