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Abdul Fairose

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

How is the MBA program in Singapore? Is it worth? What average salary can I expect in India?


Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission Councellor | Posted on



Singapore has been known as one of the best countries in Asia for its economy, city life and education. The education system is clean and every year thousands of students all over the country come to Singapore for their education.  

Singapore might be a city, a state and a whole country in and of itself, its impact on the global economy and global education is quite impact able. This country is one of the most desirable countries to study abroad.
Ranked 5th in LPI index Global Rankings, by the World Bank, which is technical, speak for “ease in doing international business with”, Singapore Tops the Asian countries in its education system.
According to the GMAC Asian Geographic Trend Report, for GMAT score stats in 2011, Asia received 42,933 score reports from examines all across the globe, with Singapore B-Schools receiving 11,613 scores. By 2018, Singapore received 18,404 GMAT scores, making up 36% of the scores sent to Asia from all corners of the world.
 For MBA Degree Holder in Singapore life is quiet easy as compared to any US nation. According to the QS Jobs and Salary Trend Report (download the pdf here), from 2015, Singapore is 4th among the world’s topmost countries for average MBA salary at $142,000, including bonuses
Given below is the list of TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS IN SINGAPORE along with their average salary post MBA.
S.rno B-Schools World Ranking Average Salary post MBA
1. National University of Singapore (NUS) #26 (Financial Times – FT)-  $ 132000
2. INSEAD #1 (FT)
#1 (Forbes 2015)-  $ 167000
3. Nan yang Technological University #24 (FT)
#36 (QS)  - $ 126000
4. Singapore Management University #51-100 (QS)
#3 in Masters in Finance (FT) $60,000- $ 73000
According to the majority of MBA graduates can expect to earn on average $50,427 in their first year. As your length of time on the job increases, so will your income. Here is a sample of average salaries you can expect as your time on the job increases:
Under 1 year – $50,427
1 to 4 years – $56,090
5 to 9 years – $74,053
10 to19 years – $94,038
Over 20 years – $103,600
So I would give Yes to this programe after comparing it from other countries as it has rich potential headquarters here for the education specially the Post graduates Programmes. Here in India you can expect average package of 18 lakhs which is pretty good compared with the IIM's and the Indian companies along with the compensation package.


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