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How long would humans survive if the sun disappeared?


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Depends on the off chance that we could know in the development or if it's everything of the unexpected.

Above all else Sun can't simply vanish - it's not physically conceivable. Fundamental laws of material science deny that. By and by there can happen a few occasions that could be comparable enough:

Outsider development could assemble a tremendous circle that would square daylight before it achieves the Earth and could place it in L1 spot (Lagrangian point) to manage life on Earth rapidly or manufacture a Dyson circle around the Sun not minding that Earth will solidify

Huge and exact burst of thick mass or vitality connected to the Sun could quicken it into some bearing out of the close planetary system

The subsequent one likely would be calamitous all alone in view of disseminated vitality and extra mass (tidal powers and so forth.). The first is all the more near the impacts of simply vanishing of the Sun (with the exception of circles).


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