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Rohit Valiyan

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How much do Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi spend on food in one day?


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Two people who are as much is discussions and controversies more than even film stars, are India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the opposition party Congress’s head, Rahul Gandhi. No day goes when I’m not seeing a meme or a piece of news related to these politicians making rounds on social media platforms.

With the increasing accessibility to not only their political but personal lives as well, the lifestyle of these political personalities is also no hidden secret now. And if we analyze the available information, it seems that the lifestyle of both of them is quite extravagant.

Rahul Gandhi is a known foody. He likes to take coffee along with omelet in the breakfast. If not this, he takes something light, like juice. In lunch, he prefers to have either soup or garlic pizza. In dinner, he usually takes either dal-rice and vegetables, or Rajma-rice. In this regard, Rahul Gandhi spends Rs 500-600 per day on his essential meals.

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Coming to the Prime Minister, he is already famous as someone who is quite considerate about his health and lifestyle. According to the sources, PM Modi works 18 hours, out of 24 hours. In breakfast, he always takes something light like juice, with poha or dhokla. The other two meals have the usual lentils, tortillas, rice, vegetables, and so on. He prefers having desserts after lunch and dinner. So the rough estimate of his expenditure on food per day is Rs 300-400.

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