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Vansh Chopra

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How much does a player gets paid in IPL if he is sold at Rs 1 crore in the auction?


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It’s difficult to say the exact number. See, when the players are sold at an amount in the auction, they don’t get the exact money. There are a lot of calculations that go in this process. Of course, first, the tax is deducted. Then the team management cuts some amount, as per the agreement, for board commitments.


The auction price is basically a base amount. After making all the necessary deductions, out of Rs 1 crore, a player can get anywhere between Rs 60-80 lakhs. This is just a part of the monetary perks they get. Aside from this, BCCI has made it mandatory for franchises to give players $100 every day as daily allowance.





The players – depending on the number of matches they play, how they perform and how their teams perform – can get plenty more than their bid price. They also get paid big from their endorsements and advertisements they do wearing IPL team’s jersey. Also, at the end of the tournament, depending on where their team stands, they can get bonuses. And not to forget the prize money they can get after every match—Man of the Match, best catch and so on.


In short, the bid price of IPL players, after making the required deductions, is just a base price that they are to get. There are plenty more windows for them to make more money. Statistically, a report has noted that IPL players, on average, get Rs 80 lakhs per season. If a player gets sold at Rs 1 crore, depending on a range of factors, he can make more than Rs 2 crores in the season. 


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