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satish Agarwal

@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

How to deal with a ***** clients??


Entrepreneur | Posted on

I have full empathy with you Satish ! I too have encountered some such clients. 

Please understand and accept that like other human beings, clients too come in the variety. Some sweet and some bitter; Some nice initially and turn out to be the nastiest laster! And we have no choice but to deal with them. 

I do the following to manage difficult clients -

1. Document each and every requirement from them and associated commitment from my side in detail, date and time wise. 

2. Keep all payments time-based and NOT task based with such clients because they might continue to change the requirement and you may end up suffering. 

3. Do not deploy my most hard working / productive employee on their project

4. Never ever share any other detail, be it professional or personal

5. Never accept any positive or negative compliment or comment from them to maintain distance

6. Don't express that I'm aware of their difficult behavior and don't express that I am affected, else they become more powerful!

Last but most important - I understand that these clients' teach you the most! so silently I cherish them and express my silent gratitude to the nicer ones. I value better ones because of these nastier ones.  



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