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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted 15 Dec, 2018 |

How to deal with frizzy hair in winter?

Savipriya R

Website Designers | Posted 13 Feb, 2019

The advent of winter brings along with it many hazards for the unprepared soul. Along with worsening existing skin conditions such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, to name a few, it can even inconvenience people with normal skin. Here are a few tips to beat the winter chill and step up your skin game.

1.Wash your face without drying it out
It is imperative to use a hydrating cleanser to wash your face so as not to ***** the skin of its all-important oils and subsequently drying it out.
2. Moisturize moisturize moisturize
When the mercury drops, along with the humidity, our skin desperately needs a moisturization boost. Most moisturisers if used regularly and as advised, should provide marked improvement during winter. If a moisturiser with more ‘oomph’ is required, one with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, though pricey, should serve your winter needs and plump up your skin.
3. Sunscreen – everyday
People erroneously believe that they don’t need sun protection on a cloudy day. Uv exposure still occurs and application of sunscreens and using photoprotective materials is advised, after all, uv rays are invisible to the human eye. The damage you prevent adds up over the years, so stay committed.
4. Lip balm – your pocket companion
Chapped lips are a frequent occurrence during winter. So try to stay ahead of it and moisturize them by applying a hydrating balm often. Avoid constantly licking your lips and matte lipsticks since they tend to worsen the dryness.
5. Hands and feet – don’t forget to treat
Don’t neglect your hands and feet. Moisturize them regularly as well and since the skin over your feet is thicker, petroleum jelly works better over this area as a moisturizer.
These are but a few general tips on skin care during the winter. If you still suffer from skin issues despite following the above-mentioned recommendations, please consult a qualified Dermatologist at the earliest.

mahesa rasim

Blogger | Posted 02 Feb, 2019

 Ways To Prevent Frizzy Hair In The Winter
  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase.
  2. Ditch the towel.
  3. Embrace hair masks.
  4. Leave some conditioner in.
  5. Spritz an anti-frizz spray over locks.
  6. Air-dry your hair the right way.
  7. Do not touch hair.

Sameer seoexpert

blogger | Posted 20 Dec, 2018

Here are some tips:

keep brushing your hair to distribute the natural oils. 

Don't use shampoo too much. 

Choose a shampoo which is not drying.

Apply aloe Vera gel once a week and rinse it off for softer hair.

Never skip conditioner.

Use a silk or satin (synthetic) pillow cover

Shayan Bhatacharya

Flight Lieutenant ( Indian Air Force) | |Updated 29 Oct, 2020

Frizzy and messy hair in winter is a real problem when we can’t wash them just whenever we like. Also, the dry air that blows in winter snatches the natural oils and moisture from our mane and leave us with dry and bushy hair, which look awful. Here are some tips to keep your hair as gorgeous as ever even in winter.

 (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

1. Do deep conditioning for 10 minutes once a week to keep your hair from getting extremely dry.

 (Courtesy: Ak Clinics)

2. Comb your dry hair with a metal comb and not with plastic comb or hair brush.

 (Courtesy: India TV)

3. Don’t be very hard on your hair while drying them. Dry gently just like your face. It’s better to use a cotton t shirt instead of a towel for drying.


4. Pro tip: Wash your hair at night, dry them, and then sleep on it. Hair will be much less frizzier than washing them in the morning.

 (Courtesy: Bustle)

5. Have a hot oil treatment. It help in winter a lot, because the more the oil, the better.

 (Courtesy: EcoTools)

6. Using the pineapple technique, clipping hair upwards also helps get rid of the frizz.

7. Use ionic dryers as they smoothens hair while drying them.

 (Courtesy: Motheranglam)
8. Try washing your hair with only and only conditioner. Ditch your shampoo for good.

 (Courtesy: Ultra Beauty)

9. Never try or clip hair when they are wet or damp.
 (Courtesy: StyleCaster)

10. Apply egg white once a week, or use a shampoo which contains egg.

 (Courtesy: Get the Glitter)