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How to Deal with Toxic Employees at Workplace


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Toxic elements are neither healthy for your body nor our office space. Do you know who the toxic compounds are for your office? Well, it can be any of your employees. Toxic employees are the people in your office who are responsible for the deteriorating condition of your business. It may not always be in plural form but a singular staff can also spoil the reputation of your business. Are you suffering from the disturbance of toxic employees? Oh, you have identified the one responsible for the toxic environment of your office!

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You are worried about how to manage or handle toxic employees, right! Well, there are six ways to deal with toxic employees:

1.Try to find the root cause

Never fire the toxic employee without investigating the underlying reason for the same. You may not know but maybe the employee suffers from personal problems which he burst into being toxic in your office. In that case, a mutual discussion or talk can eliminate the toxic element from the employee. The first step is to have detailed information about the background of the toxic employee.

2.Go for a face-to-face conversation

Suppose you can ask your manager or you yourself can also sit for a long time discussion on the toxic behaviour of the employee. Your target should be to make the employee understand the problems that your entire team has to face for him/her. Remember to use a friendly tone. You must show the scope of business if the toxic element goes out of him/her.

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3.Draw out a plan

Now you need to show the path following which the employee gets free of his toxic behaviour. It can be in the form of suggestions or according to the steps drafted by you.

4.Monitor your toxic employee

You need to keep a constant watch on the toxic employee to identify whether he/she is making efforts to get converted into a detoxicated employee or not.

5.Protect your other staff members

Try to avoid the conversation of your other staff members with the toxic employees. It will help you to keep the performance of other employees on a safer side.

6.Remove or fire, if necessary!

Why should you pay someone whose activities are harmful to your business? In case your discussion or planning does not work, it is better to fire the toxic employee as soon as possible.

We hope you have got your answer on how to deal with difficult employees.


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