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Vivan Vatena

student in journalism | Posted on | Education

How To Find Your Passion & Create A Super Career Out Of It


Thinker | Posted on

 First of all, I want to thank you for asking this question. 

It’s a pleasure to see someone who still cares about passion and doesn’t see it something as separated from the potential career. 

Now coming to the answer of your question, it is never easy to do so. More often than not, our passions don’t go well with our career (read successful career), let alone a super career. 

Fortunate are those whose passion is something which can be turned into a great career. 

Let’s see what can be done if that is not the case: 

- Never let society tell you what is right for you. 

- Set your own standards of happiness and contentment. 

- Realize that money is not everything and being successful does not always meam being famous. 

- Move slowly but steadily towards your dreams. 

- Never give up on your passion. You may have to leave it for some time due to the necesseties of life, but never give up on it entirely. 

- Always remember that it's better late than never. 

All the best for your future! 



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