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How to get tweet analytics for a hashtag?


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Tweet analytics provide you valuable insights that can significantly make a good impact on your marketing strategies. It helps you to gain vital audience insights that can enhance your social media presence.

You can download your Tweets directly from twitter. Below are the steps to download your Tweet timeline,

1. Login into your Twitter account

2. Go to account settings and click on more, then click on settings and privacy

3. Under the account section, click on your Twitter data

4. Click the request data option

5. When your Tweet timeline is ready, it will be sent to the email associated with your Twitter account for download.

To get tweet analytics of your specific users or competitors to analyze their social media moves to increase their social media presence, you should use a third party Twitter Hashtag analytics tool. Trackmyhashtag- It is an amazing Twitter Hashtag analytics tool which can track any hashtag or keyword and gives a complete report of tweet analytics for a given period.

If you are doubtful regarding the quality of the tweet analytics, TrackMyHashtag provides a no-frill free-trial. You can initiate the 5-day free trial period, go to the website and sign-up for a 5-days free trial.

Hope this information is enough for you. Thank you.