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Khushboo Gupta

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How to make peanut butter?


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Peanut butter is widely used eatable in breakfasts.

It is mostly combined with bread and fruit jam to make it more delicious. Peanut butter can be put on bread with bananas and chia seeds and this makes a wholesome protein full combo. You can also eat with any fruit crush and bread or pie.

Peanut butter is very simple to make.Letsdiskuss
Ingredients – Dry shelled peanuts, salt to taste, oil 1 tbsp (optional), sugar or honey or any sweetener
Steps are-
1. Take all peanuts in a mixture jar or churner and churn them for 4- 5 minutes.
2. Add salt as per need and sugar or honey if you want. The amount of sugar and salt will be as per your suitability.
3. Open the mixture jar and see if the texture is creamy or not. If the texture is creamy then you are ready to go while if it is coarse then churn it once again. If you feel it is still coarse add 1tbsp of peanut oil. Generally, peanuts have oil but it depends on the peanuts you are using. Adding oil is completely optional.
4. Here you are ready with your golden peanut butter
5. For other variants you can add cocoa powder (1or2tbsp), some Nutella or some cinnamon. This is as per your taste.
6. It can be preserved for up to 3months if kept in a sealed airtight container in the refrigerator while rest depends on weather conditions of your region.
Peanut butter is found useful in weight loss, heart health, bodybuilding and managing blood sugar levels. Although eating it daily can cause weight gain due to excess fats and calories present in it while eating it in moderation has proved so useful in weight loss.
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