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How to run the ideal meeting ?


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Meeting are a ubiquitous part of the modern office routine in corporate and industrial worlds. Meetings are the route on which new ideas, plans and new strategies can be pushed forward. On a lazy morning when manager says that we are having a meeting , it begs a question that , how could we create a healthy, productive, engaging, cost effective meeting. The key is - communication - concise and clear

   Moreover, meeting should have sufficient      amount of interaction among everyone to erase any queries,doubts or for anyone to enrich others with their new innovative ideas.

I believe meeting should be just like a letter. It should  have a proper heading that highlights the agenda or the purpose for it. Next the body, which revolves around that particular agenda , states it's fact, assumptions, views etc. And lastly, close the meeting by re-stating the imperative points one need to keep in mind and that everyone leaves with the same understanding.

Other thing is who is to be invited in the meeting- when you're calling a meeting take time to think who really should be attending it. If you are announcing some change invite those who will get affected by that change.  Invite people who can be a good source for information for a solution.

  Ban technology- the reality is that if people are allowed with tech inside room, majority will be emailing, surfing the web etc . Eyes up here, please .

Points for an ideal meeting can be summoned up in several points .

  • Agenda should be written.

  • Ideal time for meeting is 30-45 mins.

  • Explain through Venn diagrams.

  • Minimum use of personal tech .

  • Adequate space for interaction and healthy discussion.

  • Emphasis on conclusion


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