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Muzamil Ali

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How Wikipedia page is so crucial for any business


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YES! If not crucial, at least it isnecessary to develop any business. In this online business yuga, if you search anything on Google, the first result on the SERP is Wikipedia page only. And it is also considered as an authority. If you have Wikipedia page, people won't suspect the business's authentication.

Before creating Wikipedia page for your business, you have to develop your business first.It will be difficult for Small startups and other micro businesses to create Wikipedia page.

Because of its tough rules in creating and maintaining a Wikipedia page, people generally trust Wikipedia.If you violate their rules or if the facts are false, your page will be deleted. And it will affect your business negatively.

Notability is the key factor for your Wikipedia business page. If your business is known to more people, it will be easy to create Wiki page.

Citation is another thing which will be needed for your wiki page to look rich. If your business is covered in a media - not a local newspaper, but a national level media - you can add those clips as a citation.

Again, if your business has  got any awards or recognition from government, it will add richness and credibility to your Wikipedia page.

But there are disadvantages also in creating Wikipedia business page. Anybody can come and criticise your business in your page. Because it is a public page and not your own business home page.

And if you violate any rules of Wikipedia, you may be blocked from editing the page also.
So there are pros and cons in creating Wikipedia business page. Do it cautiously.



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