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How will IT be used for the implementation of GST?


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GST is impossible without IT industry. Because it is filed online using GSTN registration. For GST implementation both union and state governments of India have jointly registered in a nonprofit, non government  organization called Goods and Services Tax Network. GSTN is providing IT infrastructure to tax  payers, central government and state government.

GSTN is a high-tech IT portal which is doing all the GST related work . GSTN helps the tax payers in registering, filing tax, calculating tax, and it also processes the tax returns.

GSTN provides IT related solutions to states in registration, audits, assessments, appeals and other things.

GSTN is also proving IT services and IT infrastructure facilities to RBI and other banks relating to GST.
There are software available  in the market for solving GST queries.

All the GST are paid online. All the returns are received in our banks through online banking. All the queries and appeals are answered by emails.

 IT industry and GST implementation are inseparable.



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