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Abhishek Misal

Project head in keon design | Posted on | Science-Technology

How would you support custom short URLs?


SEO Analyst | Posted on

We’ve all generally seen some links in other’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post having URL in the form of, or, etc. These custom short URL services are a great way to consolidate big, long and even ugly links into something that is more manageable & space-saving. Suppose you share any link with someone using your custom short URL, it gives you the impression that you know what you’re sharing. 

There are several URL shortening free websites easily available but I use as it allows you to have a custom short URL, for free. You still have the option to buy the desired domain you want to use but the actual and normal shortener service is free.

Furthermore, one of the biggest issues with the generic short URLs is that you have even no idea what a short link goes to unless you click it. So if you’re trying to build positive relationships with users, readers & visitors of your site, why would you want to provide them a short link that they might not be comfortable clicking on it? 

Some additional benefits:

CTR: By using a customized short URL you can easily increase your Click-through-rate or CTR by approx 39%.

SEO: It also helps in improving SEO as you can include your main keywords in your URL slug.

If you are running your own website, I will highly recommend using them and taking advantage of this. As it’s an easy & great way to ensure that your short links are recognizable on the internet anywhere they’re posted, and to build invaluable brand equity.


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