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Sushil Ahirwar

@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

If you opened a business, what kind of business would it be?


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

A popular saying goes like, “Those who believe in their work do jobs, and those who believe in themselves do business.”


I believe in myself, and would surely like to be an entrepreneur. If I ever started a business, I would like to start it with a budget as low as 2-5 lakh. In such a budget, according to my planning, I would like to take up one of the following businesses, if I ever would:


Education has become an industry in itself these days. People are becoming more and more optimistic and ambitious, and hence don’t think much before spending lakhs on their education. Also, it is one of the rightest kind of investments one can make to contribute to the country’s economy.

I can either start a local schooling center in the kind of budget I have, or can start a play school. Opening a coaching institute for competitive exams is not a bad idea either.

I would like to go into the business of ayurvedic medicines, if I went in the medical field. Investment required for starting a unit of ayurvedic medicine is just 1 to 1.5 lakh and that can be managed very easily. This means that I can start this business with 4-5 lakh.

Ayurveda is also a booming market with a lot of opportunities.


I am also thinking of starting a unit of spices. It may cost me more than my budget, but the business of spices is totally worth it, especially in a country like India. Demand of spices never goes down and hence the business is ever profitable.

• Milk and Milk Products

You can easily get a cow and a buffalo under a lakh, and the business of dairy products is quite profitable. It is an evergreen business which is bound to be successful.


media manager | Posted on

I am currently residing in Dubai & planning to open a small scale business here. I have compiled a list of business opportunities in Dubai & sharing with you. Hope it will help you to choose your business area :)

• Tourism: Dubai is a well known global hub for tourism. You can focus on to start a travel agency in Dubai to assist travelers with all the formalities like visa, cruise boats and hospitality.

• Restaurant business: Where there is world culture, there is world cuisine. Whether it is the eat streets in Deira or the rooftop dining on Dubai Marina, everyone love each bit of it. It will be a good start to invest in the restaurant business.

• Jewelry design: As you know, Dubai is a world gold destination. This is the right place where you can even start your own line of jewelry brand in Dubai.

• Retail: Whether it is a small mom and pop store, your own store or running a franchise, with strong economic conditions and fast-moving expat crowd, the retail business is a better option.

• Recruitment agency: People move in here and start working in a number of industries like trading, medicine, tourism, oil, real estate, and a lot more. It would be better to start a recruitment agency and handle manpower recruitment for business based in Dubai.

• E-commerce: With a number of growing online businesses, the space for E-commerce is getting wider. Just think about the e-commerce industry in Dubai.

• Marketing and advertising: Lot of newly established business firms look for both marketing and advertising options- online and offline. Starting a marketing agency is a good option for creative minds. Digital marketing, website development, and campaign management are some of the marketing activities that you can look into as a marketing agency.

• Consulting: Business management consulting firms such as Commitbiz guides entrepreneurs around the world to set base in Dubai and rest of UAE. Keep in mind to have in-depth business expertise and local knowledge to venture into something like this.

• Education: In case you have an academic background, you can surely invest in careers education and training.

• Events Management Company: There are a lot of business exhibitions, workshops, and conferences happening in Dubai. Many private events like weddings, baby showers, birthdays etc can also come under the scope of an events management company. This a viable option if you love to be in this field.

• Health and fitness: If you have necessary qualifications to run your own fitness center, then this is a better option. Be ready to work hard as you will build your clientele, slowly over time. Once you have done, get ready to mint a lot of money.

• Nightclubs: Dubai has a dazzling nightlife scene. After a long week’s work, everyone likes to relax at some famous nightclubs in Dubai. But be sure that you have the necessary licenses to start your own.

• Insurance broking: Health and car insurance is mandatory in Dubai. This has opened up the space for insurance. You can register yourself as a broker and start your own booking agency as you wish. 

• Property management: Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world. People mainly invest in real estate and need the help of property management firms to take care of their properties and maintain them on long term contracts.

• Cleaning services: This can be applied to one-time house cleaning, hotel, and restaurant. Depending on your preferences, you can have your own team of cleaners and set up your cleaning agency.

• Daycare center: It is a highly sensitive job as people entrust you with their children when they are out. If you do love kids and know how to manage them and have amicable and homely property, then the daycare center is a fantastic business idea.

• Fashion boutique: Starting your own boutique can transform into a profitable venture. If you have a passion for passion, then you can surely hold this space with no doubt.  


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