In the name of attaining salvation, how is “Tantra Vidya” affecting our minds? - letsdiskuss
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Brij Gupta

Optician | Posted on | Astrology

In the name of attaining salvation, how is “Tantra Vidya” affecting our minds?


Social Activist | Posted on

Getting salvation, and attaining salvation are two entirely different concepts. Everyone wants to attain salvation but if we ask them what exactly does that mean, they would not be able to come with any answer. The only thing most people know about salvation is that it is a form of liberation.

Yes, it is a form of liberation, but it does not only mean the liberation from the cycle of life and death. According to Hinduism, shraad or oblation is a way to make our ancestors attain salvation. People think that good deed during lifetime help us achieve salvation conceptually.

This is what religion says. But according to Tantrism or “tantra vidya”, achieving salvation is synonymous to ending our life in ways which is unbelievable and unimaginable to human mind. But there are humans like you and I who believe in such thigs.

The freshest example is of Burari in New Delhi where 10 dead bodies were found hung. It was being taken as a murder before, but later police found the register is which was scribbled certain mantras. The thorough research and deduction revealed that ta whole family committed suicide due to some superstition according to which they were promised “moksha”.

Religious or sacrilege, it is not any knowledge certainly. The incident changed the whole meaning of salvation.

Letsdiskuss (Translated from Hindi by Team Letsdiskuss)