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Katherine Morley

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Innovative Trends of bicycles for the Future Generations?


@letsuser | Posted on

While everyone follows the revolution in the automotive industry (unmanned aerial vehicles known as drones, the electric vehicles or the general computerization), there are no less fascinating changes on the bike. Therefore, we have compiled several innovative models for you, which determine the future bicycle of the cities. The design of the bicycle is a symbol of simplicity and perfection as elucidated in many assignment help UK so the phrase "reinventing the wheel" is usually used when they trying to improve what is already perfect. However, the authors of the models presented below may, apparently, be made impossible. However, we could really reinvent the wheel and bring the convenience, safety and technical characteristics of a two-wheeled vehicle to a new level.

 Gi FlyBike
Gi FlyBike is the world's first electric bicycle, from a full-sized bicycle to a compact portable design in just one second. It consists of the most modern lightweight materials and therefore weighs only 17 kg. With a bicycle of this type, you can easily get into public transport, load it into the trunk or take it to your workstation. Gi FlyBike can be used in three modes that includes normal, hybrid and fully electric. In the last type case, it can carry a load of up to 70 km.

 Oko Bicycles
The main feature of this bicycle is a frame made of carbon fibre, in which the designers put all the electrical equipment. The built-in battery provides a range from 35 to 65 km depending on the operating mode. The speed can reach 40 km / h. This model is made in Denmark and can now be ordered at a price of 1400 euros only.

 The RacerR Bicycle
This copy is more the result of the work of an amateur designer than an excellent concept of a bicycle of the future. However, this is rather a design decision and an attempt to attract retro-style lovers. In addition, it has modern on-board equipment, so you can drive at a speed of about 35 km / h at a distance of 54 km.

 Genze Bicycle
The mechanical part of the Genze is practically the same as a conventional bicycle, so you can always turn off the electric unit and simply turn the pedals. But it's much more pleasant to use mixed mode, when the engine just helps you maintain the required speed. If your muscles are too tired, you can always switch to fully electrical mode. You can drive up to 40 km, after which you need to remove the battery and charge it, which takes about five hours.

 Flex mode Bicycle
Mode Flex is the concept of Ford, presented last summer. It is designed specifically for European cities, in the centre of which traffic is limited. This folding bike easily fits in the trunk and literally shoots in seconds. Subsequently, the owner can leave his car in the parking lot and continue pedalling. Mode Flex is also equipped with a modern navigation system that provides information on weather conditions, speed, distance, remaining battery power and other driving parameters as well.

 Leao's Solar Bicycle
Every time you see the next electronic bike, the question arises about the battery reserve. The creators of the Leao Solar model offered a very unusual solution to this problem. Your bike is equipped with solar panels that can charge the battery directly while driving. Of course, you cannot fully charge the battery in this way, but you can increase the distance that you can cover a little.

 Wi-Bike
Manufacturers of this electric bicycle did not hide the battery, but placed it almost in the most prominent place. It is quite large and especially large, allowing a load of up to 110 km. using a special application, Wi-Bike can interact with the smartphone, for example, track the position using GPS, count the number of kilograms burned, and even enter cyclist reports on social networks too.


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One such innovative trends is that of the bikes that use disc brakes. Disc brakes are really very popular among consumers, and they are again in trend in 2018. Many pro riders like to use them in training .


One more bicycle like that is smarter turbos. Having been on major launches this year where brands kept alluding to the fact they needed products that could cover all bases, we’ve been thinking about the growing need for products that can do it all. and turbos do it very well.


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