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Teckmovers Solution

blogger | Posted 12 Mar, 2019 |

Is Google Ads Necessary to Generate Traffic To Your Website?

Pure Automate

Blogger | Posted 16 Mar, 2019

Are you tired of paying a large number of profits to OTAs in the form of commission for your bookings, but don't know how to get the kind of online visibility OTAs offers in any other place? Do you want to earn more profits from your bookings without spending a lot on marketing? Then we have the perfect solution for you.
It's called- Google Hotel Ads Center. Google Hotel Ads Center is a service provided by Google which places your hotel ads on their search engines and other Google platforms for a much lesser price than OTAs.
Dive in to know how it increases your hotel room occupancy without taking a huge part of your profits using google hotel ads.

How does Google Hotel Ads Center Work?

It allows you to make bids for your hotel ads. Your hotel ranking on the search Engine is determined by the amount you are willing to pay for your ads. There are different bidding strategies based on bid multipliers like device visibility, geographical area, and hotel rates.
What does the hotel Ads Center Do For Hoteliers?

It lets you make bids for Hotel Ads and place you higher in the search engine rankings. You can choose to manage your ads based on device type, locations and even seasons. You can CVS download the tables that are created by you. You can send data as per the users' preferences and time intervals.

What is the benefit of using Google Ads Center?

People can see your hotel's inventory across all Google services like Google Maps offering you an online visibility as equally large as the OTAs.

It directs the users directly to your hotel booking engine thus increasing direct bookings for your hotels.

It offers direct traffic to your hotel website which helps in increasing your brand value and offers you bigger control over the customers booking experiences than the OTAs.

Boosts your revenue efficiency by encouraging direct bookings and higher conversion rates and huge brand exposure.

How Are Google Hotel Ads Beneficial for your Business?

Ads are shown with High- Quality pictures and integrated reviews. It also shows your hotels on Google maps and allows people to choose a hotel from the street views. You will be everywhere to capture direct bookings.


Luckily Google offers two options for payments for Hoteliers our there.
1. Pay per click on for your Ads, just like it happens for every Google services.
2. Pay per booking, yes just like the OTAs.But Google charges 10- 15% of your profits, which is positively lower than what the OTAs charge.
All in all, Google Hotel Ads Center is the perfect way to boost your revenues, encourage direct bookings along with getting the huge exposure that the world's most important Search engine offers you for a fair lower price ( literally) than the OTAs. Make your own space in the most used Search Engine now.

Ashna Sharma

@Ashna | Posted 13 Mar, 2019

Using AdWords data to kick off a new SEO strategy is a fantastic way to minimize risk by creating proof-of-concept and testing ideas. You can also mine your PPC data to refine an existing SEO strategy or run ads to reinforce and strengthen your organic search results.

Teckmovers Solution

blogger | Posted 12 Mar, 2019

Being a newbie to website promotion, you possibly wonder, is Google Ad necessary to generate traffic? To put it more simply, yes, it’s quite useful in raising brand awareness. By spending a bit of your time and efforts on Google Adwords , you can reach the target audience more quickly and easily. Google Adwords and PPC network are interconnected by far. But if you haven’t used it before, then the question about its authenticity certainly emerges. Here’s a reliable guide available to you, bringing all answers to your question, why you should go with Google Adwords and is it necessary to generate traffic?

Let’s get into it:

Before knowing about its importance, firstly understand, what Google Adwords exactly is?

The online advertising platform of Google Adwords helps in displaying your business ads on Google search engine as well as its display advertising networks. You can create and schedule the ads you want to get appeared on Google with the help of Google Adwords.

Now, go through the reasons bespeaking about the importance of Google Adwords :

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