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Is it correct to blame Theresa May for Brexit?


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Exiting EU was never going to be a simple, straightforward affair as it was presented during the referendum campaign. It was going to be a complicated and messy journey with aplenty of technical, theoretical and legal (and ideological) debates. So, the fact that the whole process is moving ahead at snail-pace and Britain has been lagging in making a good bargain was never something that those in the know of the topic didn’t anticipate.


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So, if looked from an apolitical stance, there isn’t really any individual to blame here except for the people who voted for Brexit in the referendum. The blame games are only as good to achieve political mileage. You can blame PM Theresa May, you can blame Boris Johnson, you can blame the whole right-wing and you can blame everyone—BUT nothing can ease the complexities that come with Brexit. You can’t expect two individuals to sit and create a concrete policy. Both EU27 and Britain requires a better bargain. Plus, there are too many nitty-gritties in implementing the exit. So, it isn’t as simple as so many pro-voices contented for before the final ballot. And when Theresa May took Cameroon’s place as the PM, following latter’s resignation, even she knew that it would be a long and tedious process. 

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Now of course, after 2 years, it’d be quite absurd to go back to the first debate of whether Brexit should have happened in the first place or not. We’ve come a long way since then. Equally absurd would be to blame any one individual for Britain’s exit. A group propagated an idea; the majority bought it. Right now, even those who were in opposition to Brexit are pushing to be done with the process as quickly as possible. But then again, it isn’t as simple. 

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Sure, PM Theresa May can blame herself for getting her in a spot where she is right now. For the rest, the people who voted in favor of the referendum should be blamed for buying into the idea of Brexit without understanding that complexities it would unfold. So, for apolitical reasons, PM Theresa May is doing what the referendum asked her to do. Let’s not bug her even if her ideologues vary from yours. 

P.S. I certainly do want another referendum for Brexit. But we’re way past those days. It’s not happening. Period.


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