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Is it possible to be a programmer and a music producer at the same time?


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Of course. WHY NOT?

There are many celebrities who also know how to code. Ashton Kutcher, Karlie Kloss, Jimmy Fallon, and just to name a few.


Moreover, it's not just about programming. The underlining theme is why can't you have two different sets of skills?

You can!

You can be a programmer and a music producer at the same time.

But then here where it gets tricky:

Balancing the two acts could be challenging.

The mentioned celebrities aren't primarily programmers. They are actors, models, and singers first. They just know how to code.

music-producer-and-programmer-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: ITweb)

There are many writers who love singing and can sing. There are many actors who love football and can play it well. There are many doctors who love painting and can paint well.

Point is, each of us has multiple interests. At the same time, we all can love many different things. It's natural.

BUT then professionally, as a mean of making a full-time income and affording a life, it's sometimes necessary to make a choice between the things we love. We have to choose one path and make it a dominant one in our professional lives.

So, you love programming and being a music producer equally. Good.

BUT can you work on both every day without burning yourself out?

music-producer-and-programmer-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: MakeUseOf)

Can both make you the same amount of money or does any one of them promise you more rewards?

Is there any chance that you love one even an inch more than the other?

Sure, you can be a music producer in the day and a programmer at night. BUT do you think it's sustainable? Do you think you can continue both the acts together for the next few years?

The answers are likely NO.

For the professional-life sake, you've got to pick one. This doesn’t mean you're "sacrificing" the other one. You still can do the other one in your free time, weekends and whenever you're looking for an escape from your day-to-day.

In short, make one your main gig (and source of income) and the other one your hobby.

music-producer-and-programmer-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Adorama)

When deciding which one would be your "main gig", think thoroughly. Think of the long-term. Consider all the different possible factors.

But then, at the same time, do not over-stress the decision. Down the line, if you ever want to switch that "main gig", you can always do that. So, don’t sweat the decision and treat it like high-stake. Because it isn’t.

So, to answer your question…

· It’s possible to be a programmer and a music producer at the same time…
· But it's not sustainable…
· So, to save yourself from the burnout and to have a consistent stream of income…
· You've got to pick one as your "primary gig".
· Meaning, make one your "main job" and the other one as your hobby.
· In the future, if you ever think that was a bad choice, you can always switch between "main job" and hobby.

music-producer-and-programmer-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Disk Makers)

Hope this answers your question.


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