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Is it true that Hyatt Regency Mumbai shuts down until further notice citing lack of funds?


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Hyatt Regency Mumbai Shut "Until Further Notice", No Funds For Salaries

Hyatt Regency! It is almost impossible to find anyone who is not aware of Hyatt Regency. But yes, it may be the case that you all may not have visited the place. There is shocking news regarding Hyatt Regency Mumbai in 2021.

The Hyatt Regency is one of the well-known 5-star hotels in Mumbai. The Mumbai branch of Hyatt Regency is almost set to get closed. This is the most shocking news in the current year after the Covid-19 pandemic news. There will be no possibility of any change in the decision until there is any further notice stressing the financial strain it faces. The authorities of Hyatt have cleared that they fail to pay salaries as there is no money.

Asian Hotels(west) ltd is the owner of the Hyatt hotel near the Mumbai Airport.

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On 6th June 2021, the General Manager of the Mumbai Hyatt Regency announced that the parent firm had not sent any money for the continuation of the operations.

Mr. Marwah has also informed all the on-roll staff of the hotel that no funds have yet been provided from the Asian Hotels(West) Ltd. So they are neither able to pay their staff salaries nor continue other operations of the hotel.

So the authorities have decided to immediately suspend the operations of the hotel on a temporary basis. And there is no possibility of opening the hotel until any further notice is furnished.

Since Covid-19 reached India in January 2020, the hotel industry got affected a lot across the country. People stopped traveling anywhere and the tourism industry showed a huge downfall. In 2020, the nationwide lockdown forced the tourism industry to struggle from the scratch. Before the second Covid-19 wave, the hospitality and tourism industry started to reach an early position. But however, it didn't succeed.

Well, Mumbai is another important hub other than Delhi for the tourism and hospitality sector. On 6th June 2021, there was a report of 728 new Covid-19 cases and 28 deaths for Covid-19.

Since the start of the Pandemic, Maharashtra is the only state that has faced the worst condition due to Covid-19. Since 5th March, the state has reported the lowest Covid-19 cases i.e. 10219 new cases. There has been a registration of 154 Covid-19 fatalities overall.


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