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Lina Carner

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Is it true that Samsung is bringing Bixby to Smartwatches?


Junior engineer at uflex | Posted on

To the extent specs subtleties, it will clearly keep running on Tizen (which is no enormous amazement) and will have 4GB of inside capacity. It's likewise trusted that the watch will send with Samsung's Bixby keen right hand conveying Bixby Reminder warnings to the wrist out of the blue.


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Yes, a handful of reports are circulating – some of them highly reliable – claiming that Samsung might bring its AI assistant Bixby to wearables. The company is reportedly working on a Smartwatch called ‘Galaxy Sport’, codenamed “Pulse”.

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Not many details have been revealed as of yet. No official announcements have been made. However, it’s very likely that Samsung might unveil Galaxy Sport at Mobile World Congress 2019, where it would also be launching its much-anticipated Galaxy S10; also, it might finally disclose its foldable phone.

Talking about the Smartwatch itself, it is said to feature 4GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM. And yes, it will feature AI Bixby reminder support. In recent times, Samsung has been investing heavily in Bixby, to level up its AI assistant with its counterparts: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Cortana.

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In reality, Samsung Bixby is still in its miniature stage. Among all the AI Assistants, Google Assistant reigns atop. 


In fact, Samsung Bixby isn’t even counted in the ranks. Not that it’s bad. But it’s still growing and evolving. It’s still being fed more data. It’s inefficient. And there’s a lot to be done in R&D. But given the backing of massive resources from Samsung, you can expect the AI to improve significantly as we move forward.

As of now, yes, Samsung Bixby is likely coming to wearables in 2019. But then it isn’t as exciting given assistant’s limitations in performing tasks and natural fluency. Many people would actually wish for Google Assistant. 


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