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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted on | Entertainment

Is it true that your phone is killing you from inside?


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Although cell phones are the integral part of our lives. In Fact, it has become our lives.  It has various uses like to call some,for information, for social media  and for almost everything and every time.

Just like any other thing,cell phone too has negative effects with positive one's such as:


Using cell phone while driving can actually kill you.According to the National Safety Council, 27 percent of car crashes were caused by cell phone use in 2013. This means that one in four car crashes are because of texting. Half of all fatal crashes involved cellphone use. In short, using our cell phones on the road is killing us.


Your cell phone extremely destroys your creativity. This is because, we no longer use our thoughts while doing any kind of work, be it any project or homework.


Cell phone have big role in destruction of relationships, be it between parents or you, you and your friends or it could be with anyone. As we can we are totally engaged in phone even if we are sitting with someone. This leads to communication gap.


Culture is being destroyed means, wherever we go to explore we always want ‘click and get clicked’  first.This destroys our culture because we don't enjoy that.