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Is magento 2 easy to develop for?


@letsuser | Posted on

Magento is an ecommerce platform, which is an open source technology. The online shopping craze has given a boost to this technology. Developers use Magento for building ecommerce websites quickly.

It is neither hard nor easy. Magento 1 was difficult to work with, as there was Lack of documentation, poor performance, poor scalability, Bad user experience and lack of good development practices.

Magento 2 is under continuous development. There are numerous enhancements coming up.

A whole lot of improvements are coming up like improved documentation, Better scalability and performance, Better user experience, Better support for modern web technologies and tools. However, Magento 2 is hard to code and develop for as of now. The reason being - It's new and under continuous development, there's not a lot of documentation, and compared to the Magento 1.x platform, there's a lot less sites, extensions and code examples in the developer's community.

Magento has never been the easy platform to work with and you need some time to learn and get comfortable. However, all new frameworks are that way only. Initial effort can soon land you into skillful category. Magento has attracted big investors like eBay and Hillhouse Capital Group.

Hope this answers your query.


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