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Rashmi Choudhary

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Is there any surefire way to stave off Alzheimer-s disease?


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Before diving into details let us know what this Alzheimer's disease is all about. We all know that our brain sends messages to other parts of the body. Right? But this disease damages the connection between several brain cells. The cells grow by themselves and even die if you get affected by Alzheimer's disease.

Alzheimer's disease destroys your capability to memorize things. Not only memory, but it also harms numerous other mental functions. This disease progresses very fast in the body.

Let us now discuss how to prevent or stave off Alzheimer's disease:

Your lifestyle, environment, genetics, age, and other medications play a vital role in causing Alzheimer's disease. Age and genres are unavoidable situations, but control of high blood pressure and regular exercises can help you stay away from Alzheimer's disease.

1.Keep a watch on your weight

If you notice that you are gaining weight day by day, try to reduce it. You can exercise daily or go for jogging. It will help to prevent this critical disease. Because too much bodyweight welcomes risk factors Alzheimer's disease.

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2.Control of sugar, cholesterol…

Yes, there is a strong link between your blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol, and Alzheimer's disease. So it is always good to keep a track record of these three. Otherwise high percentages of these can cause Alzheimer's disease.

3.Avoid hurt of brain

Try to wear a padded helmet so that you do not get hurt on your brain. Otherwise, it may become a cause of Alzheimer's after a few years.

Other than these, try to attend social gatherings, avoid tobacco and consume more fruits, lean protein, whole grains, and dairy products containing low fat.


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