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is there cure for aids


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A few refinements in the phrasing are beneficial here.
There is a distinction among HIV and AIDS. One can be contaminated with HIV, yet not have AIDS (in any case, a characterizing normal for AIDS is that HIV is available, and likely the reason).
An individual can be HIV positive, while keeping up a CD4 tally adequately high, and not encountering an event of any maladies or conditions related with HIV disease. They don't have AIDS.
At the point when a HIV constructive individual's CD4 check dips under a specific dimension, or they likewise build up specific conditions or sicknesses accepted related with and brought about by HIV, they are named having AIDS. 

For example, on the off chance that one creates lymphoma while HIV negative, they essentially have lymphoma. To have lymphoma while additionally being HIV constructive implies that individual has AIDS.
One might say, you can be "relieved" of AIDS when HIV constructive by having your CD4 tally steadily reestablished to sufficiently high dimensions, or some other illnesses or conditions that achieved an AIDS finding are restored, (for example, relieving a HIV constructive individual of their lymphoma). Mind you, to the extent the CDC is concerned and to the extent groupings go, one isn't generally renamed as never again having AIDS once their AIDS-characterizing malady has been relieved. In any case, it would not be completely out of line to state that somebody whose wellbeing circumstance or CD4 check had disintegrated to the point of having AIDS, at that point had their wellbeing reestablished to a point where AIDS-characterizing attributes/ailments were never again present, yet were as yet HIV positive, has in a way been relieved of AIDS. They've gone from being HIV positive, to having AIDS, and back to being HIV positive again missing any AIDS-characterizing conditions (I'll emphasize that CDC and WHO don't rename and don't consider somebody "restored" of AIDS when their AIDS-characterizing ailment has been relieved or effectively treated, however believe it merits thinking about the majority of this here).


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