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Mention any two features of the administrative system of the Mauryan Empire


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The development of Magadha finished in the rise of the Mauryan Empire. Chandragupta Maurya established the Mauryan Empire in 321 BCE. He was a ground-breaking and prosperous ruler. He stretched out his control to northwest as Afghanistan and Baluchistan, and his Grandson, Ashoka the incredible apparently the most well known leader of early India vanquished Kalinga. Such immense and enormous realm required a solid organization. Asoka engraving specifies all the primary element of the organization of Mauryan Empire.

I) There are five significant political focuses they were Patilaputra,Ujjayini, Tasali, Swarnagiri and Taxila.

ii) Administrative control fluctuated all through the immense degree of the realm, however it was most grounded close to the capital and commonplace bases which were situated on shipping lanes. Solid organizations of streets and correspondences were set up to unite the immense domain.

iii) Army Administration was fundamental for ensuring exchange just as tremendous domain as per Megasthenes there was one board of trustees with six subcommittees for organizing military exercises ; one cared for the naval force ; second oversaw transport and arrangement ; third was answerable for troopers; fourth subcommittee had the duty regarding ponies; fifth for chariot and 6th had the obligation regarding elephants.

iv) The state likewise delegated officials to oversee the waterways, measure the land and assess the strainers by which the water let out from its primary trench to its branches, so everybody can have an equivalent stock of it. Similar officials additionally gathered the expenses, and watch over the occupations associated with the land that is of wood cutters, craftsmen and so forth

v) Special officials called "Dhamma Mahamatta" were designated to spread the message of dhamma all through the realm. This was the main element of Mauryan Empire and its organization.



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