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my wife troubles me a lot, how do I handle her ?


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First of all your question is not complete. Without any reason no one will give trouble to someone,  that too to a better-half of her life. So admit it honestly that you also argue with her and restrict her freedom. A normal sensible person will not give trouble to her husband. May be she is good at arguments and never allow you to speak and present your side in front of her. If you are unhappy with the way she handles things you can do the following things to have peace of mind.

Women need attention. Give her some time and listen to her complaints genuinely without arguing. Listening and giving importance to her voice itself will solve so many problems. But most of the men either ignore their wife or concentrating on social media while their wife is suggesting something or telling them some important household news or events.

Stop telling your wife what to do. It will definitely irritate the women of today as it will hit their ego. So let her do and live her life.

If not whole heartedly at least for the sake of peace say yes either to her arguments or to her shopping and outing. Money and ego is not the big thing, instead you will have a peace at your home.

Praise her in front of outsiders. It will ease her ego and she will behave properly with you.

Tell her those 3 magic words even after years of marriage. As it is perceived, telling ILU to your wife years after marriage is more important than newly married wife. Because that is a cliche.

If you can’t speak in front of her due to your nature and bringing up, write her emails and present your arguments in front of her.

Say sorry and thank you to your wife. Definitely it will bring magic in her attitudes.

Lastly don’t ever write handling when comparing your wife. Criminals and animals are handled not wife or women. Women need love, care and now a days freedom. Give her abundantly and you will get it in return. Have a happy married life. 

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