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Ram kumar

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People belonging to which zodiac signs are said to be very rich?


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Being rich, is a hidden dream of almost all of us. But astrology has chosen five zodiac signs who are richer and wealthier that all the rest. Astrology however, says that these signs re rich only because of their own hard work, and not because of any ancestral wealth or legacy.

1. Taurus


This zodiac is mastered by Venus. And astrology says that people who have Venus as their planet, enjoy wealth and prosperity all their life. No one can stop them from achieving wealth.

2. Gemini


Gemini has Mercury as its master. And Mercury influences persons’ wisdom and intelligence in a positive way. So these people achieve wealth on the basis of their wisdom and intelligent. Even if they have taken birth in a humble or poor household, they manage to get rich on their own.

3. Leo


Sun is the master of Leo and Sun is considered as the most powerful of all the planets. Sun is the father planet. So people belonging to Leo finds their way to wealth quite easily.

4. Sagittarius


Sagittarius is mastered by Jupiter. And Jupiter has the status of Guru of all other planets. So Sagittarius also have getting rich kind of engraved in their fate.

5. Aquarius


Aquarius has Saturn as its master. Saturn or Shani can have both positive and negative effects on a person, but in terms of wealth, Saturn makes Aquarius really lucky. They not only get wealth, but fame as well.

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blogger | Posted on

Generally aries , Leo , Sagitarius are lavish spenders but It is prejudice to say that. Financial matters of an individual is seen from the 2nd,6th,12th house that is artha houses of horoscope. And how the wealth is earned is seen from 10th and 11th house. After a detailed analysis of a horoscope and major time period a person have gives the financial reports.


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