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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Plesk Vs cPanel : What things you need to consider?


There are two most popular web host control panels are cPanel and Plesk

1) Overview
Cpanel is a web-based control panel for Linux. it’s the most used and trusted control panel since it was introduced in 1996 .the latest version of cPanel is cPanel 66
Plesk is relatively newer having being introduced in 2001.

2) UX/UI
both have a feature-packed Ul which is aesthetically pleasing however, cPqanel seems to be a bit cluttered compared to Plesk, which has a cleaner UI.
Plesk has a window looking UI which adds to it friendliness.

3) Distros
cPanel supports only Linux distributions, whereas Plesk supports both Linux and window server.

4) performance
cPanel has a slight edge over Plesk terms of performance
CPanel has faster page load times and takes less time for account creation or management

5) security
both offer good security
CPanel comes with autoSSl, chalk, built-in CSF/LSD. Plesk offers fail2ban. Plesk firewall and emails anti-spam out of the box.
6) Admin panel
CPanel provides two separate logins (for Cpanel and WHM)
where Plesk has a single login for both end-user and server admins

factors to consider before choosing Cpanel or Plesk, picking one is purely a matter of preference on what you're looking for:- user interface, feature sets and compatibility, distro, migration.


SEO Analyst | Posted on


When you have to choose between several web hosting control panels i.e. Plesk and cPanel are the main competitors as they both dominate the market for users who are looking for server and account management tools.

User interfaces

Plesk is widely considered to have a more cleanly GUI or graphical user interface, and is bit easier to use. While the cPanel interface does not group the main features and tools as easily and is often seen as more cluttered as it does allow customization of the home screen.


Usually, cPanel loads much faster than Plesk.

Features and tools

Out of two, cPanel and Plesk both provide users the same primary features for account and server management. As both can be used to configure DNS settings, run File Transfer Protocol (FTP), manage email accounts and databases.


Both Plesk and cPanel are highly focused on providing security. Although the features are different, but Plesk and cPanel both come with several security tools.


As Plesk and cPanel are paid licensed web hosting control panels, and are easily available on both cloud servers and dedicated servers.


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