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Suseela Jegan

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3 Things That You Cannot Take Away From An Italian


It’s not uncommon for Italians to be stereotyped as being chatty and always dressed to the nines. But truth be told, some of these stereotypes are actually true and so ingrained into their culture that it’s second nature to them. 

Whether it’s an Italian living in Italy or an Italian-American, here are some of the things that you can never take away from them:

  1. An Italian’s Obsession With Food & Cooking:

Typical Italian food may seem simple with its use of 2 or 3 key ingredients. But to balance and bring out the flavors of each of these ingredients is a complex task – one that takes years to master. Italians are finicky when it comes to cooking – only the absolute fresh ingredients will do, and cheese never goes with fish. In fact, a lot of expats Italy often complain about the lack of international cuisine in the country. 

  1. An Italian’s Love For Design & Aesthetics:

At the heart of every Italian design lies the principle of la bella figura, meaning, making a good impression – whether its Italian shoes, Italian watch brands, buildings, furniture, or even automobiles! In fact, Italy’s art and architecture are what gives the country its distinctive feel. The designs are simple, minimalist, and yet elegant and classic. This is perhaps why Italian brands cater well to the luxury market.

  1. An Italian’s Love For Craftsmanship:

There’s a reason why the Made In Italy label is so much sought after. The work is extremely detail-oriented, but the result looks effortless and immaculate. The craftsmen there take extreme pride in their work – people don’t do it just for the money, but because they love their craft. For example, if you’re looking for an Italian women’s watch in leather, chances are, they have used only fine Italian leather, which, to an Italian, is as good as fine silk! In fact, most Italian watch brands are affordable and yet made using high-quality materials.

  1. An Italian’s Love For Fashion:

Italians seem to have a sixth-sense genetically embedded in them that helps them instinctively discern good taste from bad. No wonder, some of the best names in the fashion industry are Italian – from Versace and Armani and to Valentino and Prada. But fashion permeates into everyday Italian life as well. As we earlier said, the principle of la bella figura is very important for an Italian. You’ll never catch an Italian leaving home with wet hair or with mismatched nail colors. A love for fashion does not mean expensive clothes and accessories; rather, it’s all about being dressed well at all times.