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Essential Visa and Eligibility Requirements to Work in the USA


Essential Visa and Eligibility Requirements to Work in the USA If you are a foreign national interested in working in the USA, there are several work visa options available for you. Working in the US requires legal approval and you have to go through the proper procedure before you are accepted for employment there. The types of work visas available include green cards, temporary work visas, seasonal work visas, and exchanger worker visas.

Your eligibility for a certain type of visa depends directly on the type of work that you do. Some rules are specific to your relationship with the employer and your country of origin. To obtain authorization to work in the USA, it is important that you understand completely about the USA work visa and meet all the requirements. Staffing and recruitment companies like ours can help you understand this in detail.

What is USA Work Visa?

A visa, in general, is a document that provides you authorization to travel to and admittance to the country of your interest. The USA visa of any kind provides you entry to the country and the type of visa decides the further terms of your stay there. It must be noted here that having a visa does not guarantee entry to the USA. It only means that a USA consulate officer has established that you are eligible to seek the entry.

The USA work visa allows you to legally work in the country. Again, depending on your visa rules and regulations, your terms of employment in the country may differ.

Permanent Residents (Green Card Holders)

The USA may grant you permanent residence, also known as a green card, based on your job or offer of employment. Besides this, there are lottery programs too that provide a limited number of green cards each time draw occurs. Having a green card makes you legally authorized to be employed in the USA. However, some jobs require a certification from the US Department of Labor that shows no American workers are displaced by foreign workers.

The Exchange Visitors

As the name suggests, the US Exchange Visitor non-immigrant visa is granted to the individuals to allow them to be a part of work and study-based exchange visitor programs. The visitors eligible for this visa include scholars, teachers, interns, trainees, college students, camp counselors, au pairs, physicians, and professors.

The H2-B Visa

The US temporary Non-Agricultural Visa or the H2-B visa applies to people of foreign countries to work in non-agricultural fields, provided that there are not enough local laborers fit for the positions under consideration. There is always a cap on the visas granted in this category and applies to the job at ski mountains, hotels, amusement parks, and beach resorts.

The H1-B Visa

The US Temporary H1-B non-immigrant visas are granted to the educated and skilled individuals who are working in some specialized jobs. The H1-B visa allows a foreign national to work for a certain employer in the country on a temporary basis.

The H2-A Visa

The US seasonal agricultural visa, also known the H2-A visa, is provided to the agricultural workers from foreign countries to authorize them to work in the USA on a temporary basis or for a season. This is only granted when there is a shortage of domestic workers.

The Employment Authorization Document

After you have been granted an appropriate visa to work in the USA, there is another document that is required to work in the country. Officially known as an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), it is a work permit that proves your eligibility to work there. In simple words, this is legal proof that you can show your employers. This might has to be renewed after a certain period of time.

The above-listed information is a brief account of different work visas that are granted by the USA to the foreign nationals willing to work in the country. Each of these visas has separate requirements and must be carefully read and met in order to qualify. For further details about any kind of these visas, you can get in touch with us.