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Amit Agrawal

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Want to Know What will be the cost of App like ZOMATO


Zomato is a native app developed for Android and iPhone App Development Company operating systems, additionally, it has web administration panels, both for the merchant that announces its products and for the “super-administrator” of the platform. We will detail how much an app like Zomato costs according to what we have access (the client app) and we will also show you an example of the administrative panels.

Want to Know What will be the cost of App like ZOMATO

1. Code validation this module has different functions

It can be used to prevent the creation of automated accounts by bots. To make SMS marketing campaigns and to associate your contacts agenda and invite them to use the app.

2. Coordinates

Once you enter the app, it automatically detects your location. It is important not to confuse this module with geolocation.

3. Home

On the main screen we find a list of categories with their respective sub-categories. This information is published and updated in real-time from the super-administrator panel (later we explain this)

4. Coupons

This section is used to enter the discount coupons offered by the platform via text messages (it is now clearer how you can use the function to validate the user's phone number). The values vary depending on the strategy that the platform wishes to implement but they are generally discounts on shipments or products.

5. Smart Filter

Internal search engine that improves the user experience. Search tags are used to facilitate the selection process, a great success of usability since they save the user a tap in the navigation between products(which does not make uber eats for example). That is, the search terms are grouped to show matching results without adding a filter by type of food.

6. Favs

A slightly redundant but necessary option, allows you to"bookmark" dishes and shops as favourites. It is considered redundant since the same information can be obtained from the order history within the profile or included in the purchased ticket

7. Referrals

An excellent way to visualize your app and generate downloads. Technically they are random codes that are assigned to each account/ user for a certain value, this value is deposited to the wallet for use in the next order. With this, we can generate a greater number of users that in the end may become buyers.

8. Rewards

If the previous option encourages the virality of the app among users, the rewards function provides a loyalty system and is complemented by the missions module to promote and accelerate the sale of products. A very good combination to generate among the users the feeling of need to buy.

9. Payment gateway

Here is an important detail, Zomato offers 4 payment methods: Wallet, cash, card and PayPal. Remember that the process of developing an app is different from that of a website, in the latter, there are modules with which you can accept payments via Paypal by simply adding a widget, with a mobile application it is different. To add PayPal in your app it is necessary to meet certain requirements that we will explain in another part of the post.

10. Scanner:

A “comfortable” function for the user but that can easily be dispensed with in the first phase of development. The function that activates the camera to read the card and use it as the main payment method.

In truth, online food orders have become a separate segment of the industry in recent years due to the proliferation of websites and the development of mobile applications. It also makes life very affordable for busy people, saving time and changing the way they eat dinner. According to studies, the food distribution segment accounts for almost 40% of the restaurant industry and that seems a good sign for investments in food order applications. If business owners in the restaurant industry want to stay competitive, it is obvious that they have to specialize in their services and be different. Without a doubt, now, Food Ordering App Development can be the best weapon for that.

Customer login or registration

Users must enter some basic details such as name, address and telephone number to create an account in the application form which he or she can place orders regularly. Therefore, the journey of the food order application begins with the feature of login for user registration that also helps owners to collect the customer database. Tracking personal details helps them start a great relationship with customers by providing personalized services.

Detailed menu with customization options

The application also needs to put an extensive menu that mentions the type of food, prices, portions, etc. of each item, as provided on the restaurant tables. To facilitate the search for food, it is smarter to categorize the menu into various types of cuisine and place a search button where customers just have to type a name and find everything about their favourite dishes. Also, if the owners want their application to be better than the rest, they can include a function for customizing the orders, that is, customers can request some additional coverage or season their food.

Loyalty / Reference Program

Many restaurants omit this most important feature of a food order application that can help them attract more customers. By placing a reward program that will add points to the customer's account each time an order is placed, owners can keep customers hooked on their application for all successful orders. Those reward points after a certain period can be exchanged for great deals or free meals. Reference schemes can also be equally beneficial, as it encourages existing satisfied users to recommend others and earn reward points for each recommendation, which increases the chances of the restaurant winning more customers.

Payment flexibility

Once a customer is convinced by placing the order in the application, he looks for the easy payment method. An application must with several options that include cash, credit and debit cards are highly desired. The integration of other viable options for payments such as net banking, mobile wallets such as iOS App Development Services or Google wallet can offer additional advantages by providing the customer with greater convenience.

Restaurant Management Solutions

Not only customers but also restaurant owners will get the benefits of online orders from the application. It must be built with a beautiful control panel through which owners can manage the list of products, orders and customers well. While they can add, edit or change kitchens, add descriptions or images on the menu, they can also closely follow orders until they are delivered. Also, owners can regularly check the ratings or comments accumulated by their restaurants and work on any improvement if necessary.