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What are the Duties of a Ground Handling Agent?

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Shankey Agarwal

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Ground handling services include amenities like loading and unloading luggage, preparing planes before flying and several other duties in airports. A ground handling agent gets special training to handle such responsible tasks, and they make sure that all the processes are devoid of any mistake.

If you still cannot figure it out, read on to check out their duties and how they work!

Specific duties of a ground handling agent:

Here is a list of their most significant duties.

Load or unload luggage and freight: The prime duty of ground handling agents is to load or unload baggage and freight. They have to execute these duties within a stipulated time frame. But even then, they have to handle things with care in case the cargo might be fragile.

  • Monitor safety of customers: Ground handlers make sure that people use the ramp or stairs safely while boarding a plane. They courteously assist the customers and ensure they are safe.
  • Handling equipment: Most of these people need to have a driver’s license as they have to handle equipment such as conveyor belts, forklifts and freight delivery transports while loading or unloading cargo.
  • Sorting baggage: Sorting baggage and freight is one of their primary duties. Such responsibilities include identifying where to place baggage and transfer it safely. They also undergo training so that they can locate as well as observe specific handling instructions when it comes to cargo.
  • Check on plane interiors: These ground handlers have to ensure the interior of a plane is well serviced and cleaned before passengers aboard the plane. These services also include replacing food items and restoring the restrooms.
  • Fuel the planes: They also have the responsibility to fuel planes. Thus, it is imperative that the ground handlers know how to drive as well as operate fuelled vehicles.
  • Wash the exterior: Washing the exterior, keeping it neat, cleaning the windows are some of their usual duties.
    Repair mechanical or electrical faults: It is the duty of some of the ground handlers to check upon the electrical and mechanical area. And if anything needs repairing, it is their responsibility to take care of that too.
  • Fill up all the paperwork: They keep a record of what is being loaded and unloaded from the cargo. They need to maintain the same on paper too. Apart from those, they have other administrative liabilities as well.
  • Observe security and safety procedures: A ground handling agent must oblige the security protocols recognised by the airline company. They have to ensure precaution so that no unauthorised person can load any illegal cargo and the crowd is safe.

So, now you know who the ground handlers are and what their duties are!

Although a pilot flies the plane, improper ground handling services will corrupt the entire management. They have an endless number of responsibilities, and still, they have a courteous and polite manner throughout the day. So, join a trusted company offering the best airport services to become a successful ground handling professional.