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What Does A Muscle Knot Feel Like


In the Soviet Union there were a lot of simple but ingenious solutions, but not missed by conventional medicine.

What Does A Muscle Knot Feel Like

Such a miraculous gymnastics, proposed by Academician Mikulin, can rid the muscles of the legs from excess lactic acid, improve venous circulation.

Academician Orbeli, who had a heart attack, was very grateful to Mikulin for this gymnastics, with which he cured his old heart, improving blood flow. After all, the exercise affects not only the large leg veins but also the capillaries, where, mainly, blockages are formed. All you need is to knock your heels.

So, in the standing position, tear off the heels from the floor by 2–3 cm and sharply lower them. Thus you drive blood up through the veins, NZ gives it to stagnate. If you do this exercise many times (30 steep drops five times a day), you will not have to complain about leg diseases, 

In retirement, Mikulin remained the same restless and creative person who always was. He took up the problems of maintaining health, proposed some new ideas, some of which were used in the sanatorium treatment of patients. When the Ministry of Health refused to publish Mikulin’s book on medical subjects, an academician at 76 years old entered the medical institute and in 1975 passed the state exams perfectly.

The following year he defended his thesis in medicine on the book he had prepared. Then it was published under the title #5 Best Essential Oils For Bunions – Home Remedy For Bunions "Active Longevity." He experienced all his medical ideas on himself and having significant health problems in the middle of his life. He managed to strengthen his body and reach the 90-year mark.

The book “Active longevity (my anti-aging system) can be found on the Internet and in bookstores if you wish.

This Book Speaks Of Gymnastics. 

“The complex of morning exercise is not for nothing called practice. Indeed, it is cheerfulness, freshness, and activity for the whole day ahead.  

Even people trained, physically active, engaged in intense mental work, after several hours of work, begin to feel heavy in the head. The brain gets tired.

I propose a simple exercise that can be performed even by those who are prohibited from running and brisk walking.

If you rise on your toes, so that your heels are only one centimeter apart from the floor (Fig. 10), and drop sharply on the floor, you will experience a blow, a shake. In this case, the same thing happens when running and walking: thanks to the valves in the veins, the blood will receive an additional impulse to move upwards.

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The Author Called This Exercise - Gymnastics.

what does a muscle knot feel like  -

Such shaking of the body should be done slowly, no more than once a second. After thirty Exercises (shaking) you need to take a break in 5-10 seconds. Do not try to raise your heels above a centimeter above the floor. Practice from this will not become more effective, but only cause unnecessary fatigue of the feet.

Too frequent shaking is also useless. In the interval vein spaces, a sufficient portion of blood will not have time to accumulate, and its wave will not overwhelm the next “floor” of the vein. Remember, at the beginning of the chapter. Did I give an example with a bottle filled with liquid?

Venous Blood Rushes To The Heart.

If it is poured only to half, the cork will never be knocked out. The hydrodynamic shock will be too weak.

With each exercise, you need to do no more than sixty tremors. Perform them toughly, but not so harshly, that they are painfully given in the head. The earthquakes must be the same as nature has foreseen when running. Therefore, gymnastics do not pose any danger to the spine and its disks. My experience with gymnastics for decades confirms this.

During the day, I recommend repeating the exercise 3-5 times one minute each. I think that it is useful to engage in gymnastics with standing and sedentary work.

The severity in the head resulting from the rush of blood as a result of prolonged and intense mental work goes away after gymnastics. This is explained by the fact that inertial forces vigorously promote venous blood from the head to the heart.

Fatigue passes after a minute class gymnastics while climbing uphill. I recommend doing these minute exercises every 150–200 m of ascent. Such activities especially relieve fatigue during long hikes, on foot.

Vibrogymnastics, in my opinion, can be safely attributed to medical types of physical education. Above, it was explained how and why slags are removing when practicing gymnastics. If you continuously perform these exercises, the venous valves are no longer "quiet backwaters". 

Shaking the body, stimulating more vigorous pulsation of blood in the veins, eliminates the accumulation of toxins and blood clots near the venous valves. Therefore, shaking the body is a useful aid in the prevention and treatment of some diseases of internal organs, a means to prevent thrombophlebitis and even a heart attack (micro thrombophlebitis of the heart muscle).

All supporters of gymnastics confirm this. I want to cite as an example the testimony of Academician V.A. Ambartsumian, who successfully used gymnastics. (The letter is provided with the permission of the author).

Dear Alexander Alexandrovich!

Between 1966 and 1969, I became sick several times with thrombophlebitis. In 1969, after the treatment of thrombophlebitis in the hospital, I began to apply the proposed method of vibration gymnastics, when the disease had not entirely passed.

What Does A Muscle Knot Feel Like -

After two or three months of applying this method, all traces of the last illness disappeared. After that, for almost two years I did not have thrombophlebitis. It seems that the way you suggest helps to prevent thrombophlebitis phenomena."

In the periodical press, I often find messages that confirm the use of shaking, the vibrations of the body. I will give one such letter, published in the magazine "Technique - Youth" No. 7 for 1974 under the name "Riding from paralysis."

“In 1952, at the Olympic Games in Helsinki, the Australian athlete D. Hartel won a silver medal in one of the types of riding. What was the amazement of the public when it became known that this athlete suffered from polio as a child and had been paralyzed for a long time!

The success of Hartel prompted doctors to treat the effects of paralysis with the help of horse riding. Also, the experiments conducted in the GDR, England, Sweden, and Holland, already allow us to speak about the positive results of sports and therapeutic medicine. 

Thus, a twelve-year-old patient was admitted to one of the clinics of the Federal Republic of Germany with the most severe violation of motor coordination. The boy could not take one more than five or six steps, lost his balance from the slightest jolt, his speech was slurred, his face twitched continuously. 

Even doctors and therapeutic gymnastics specialists did not believe that a child would ever overcome an ailment. However, after fifteen lessons the patient was riding a horse without help. 

After thirty-five lessons, he could do some simple gymnastic exercises himself and get off the horse. After fifty experiences, he already boldly let the horse gallop.

What Does A Muscle Knot Feel Like -

Experts believe that, although horseback riding does not entirely cure the effects of paralysis, it has a substantial positive impact on patients, strengthening their overall physical condition. "

Concluding the story about gymnastics and its impact on the human body, I would like to give more such advice: first, doing gymnastics, tighten your jaws; secondly, try not to do the exercises in the middle of the room. Must Read: Essential Oils For Bunions

It is better to perform them in the doorway, where the floor is harder, so as not to cause complaints from neighbors living under you.