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Shivam Khare

Student | Posted on | Sports

should india give priority to football rather then cricket?


Student | Posted on

India has always been partial when it comes to giving priority. Sports have not yet come out from that loop. Indians are on their toe while talking about Cricket as if it is the only sport. As confirmed by the Sports Ministry of India, not one sport is recognised as the ‘national game.’ So why does Cricket get all the attention? The most probable reason is the media. This is not only the news media but also includes social media. The legendary cricketers like Kapil dev, Sachin, Gavaskar, Ganguly kick-started the trend, now it's Dhoni, Kohli continuing it. From our childhood, these legendary cricketers are flashing everywhere in the media, advertisements, forcing us to get into cricket and support it.


But why all other sports get neglected by Indians. But Bengalis are quite obsessed with football. Football runs in their blood. The fight between Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal is still the talk of the town. As they say " so their sera bangalir tumi football" But talking about the whole of India they still have a preoccupied thought that cricket is the religion that possesses India's heart. As an Indian, as a sports lover and Anand Footballer, I wholeheartedly desire that not only football, but other sports should get an equal priority with Cricket. It's should not be 'over ' or to have the first position. It's all about equality. Every sport should get that equal amount of priority India has given birth to a lot of legendary footballers also. They had too brought the same amount of pride to India. Let's conclude by saying that all sports are equal and unique in their way.


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