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Posted 13 Mar, 2019 |

The best destination for solo travel?

Joanna Young

Freelance Virtual Assistant|E-Commerce Product Research... | Posted 21 May, 2019

The answer depends entirely on the traveller's interest, budget and purpose. I believe that every country has great places to offer to people who want to travel on their own. One has to do a little bit of research before they a decision, but I agree with other commenters that safety should be on top of the checklist. You are travelling to enjoy and relax, to meet people and to explore and not to die or get yourself in trouble. 

As a freelancer, safety, internet access and a quiet ambience are my priorities. It is like saying the internet is life. 

Joanna Young

Social Media Strategist| E-commerce Virtual Assistant
Digital Hands Virtual Assistance

OYO Rooms

@OYO | Posted 13 May, 2019

Nestled in the Nilgiris, Coonoor is an exquisite hill station located in the state of Tamil Nadu. Famous for its production of Nilgiri Tea, it holds the honorary mention of being the second largest hill station in the region. The whole place is enveloped in the luscious greenery of the tea plantations exuding vibrant rich shades of emerald green. A kilometre or two above the main city, one can see the blue-green hues of the surrounding seas as well.


Posted 08 Apr, 2019

Solo travel is the best way to give relax your mind. If you are planning for solo travel some best destinations I would like to suggest some beautiful countries where you can enjoy more. India, Canada, Japan, the united states, Italy, Bulgaria, etc . If you want to travel tips and tricks you can visit ittakes2totravel. 


Fairy Kumar

@Blogger | Posted 13 Mar, 2019

Solo travel is the best gift which we can give to ourselves for doing all the work, for pushing ourselves so hard to meet those impossible deadlines and completing the targets.  These trips help us in making a conversation with our self. Taking out time from our busy schedule is very difficult and what is even tougher is taking out time for our own self. There are various concerns which people have when they are travelling alone. They included things related to safety, etc. especially when a female is planning to go.

Below is a list of 10 best places which are the best for solo travels and safe from all aspects:
1.    Udaipur
2.    Shimla
3.    Manali
4.    Leh-Srinagar Highway
5.    Rishikesh
6.    Tawang Monastery
7.    Khajuraho
8.    Goa
9.    Mumbai
10.    Alleppey