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Vanisha Anand

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The study of weathers is called as?


student | Posted

The study of weathers is called as METEOGRAPHY.

This blog post will be about the different type of weather such as hot, cold, and humid. It will also have a guide on how to make your place more comfortable while having to deal with these changing weather conditions.

In my country, Philippines, these are the different type of weathers that we usually have:

Hot – humid - dry – wet – cold – temperate.

These are the five types of weather that I know and it is always changing every day in our country or anywhere in the world.

When you go out to play or do something outside and suddenly you feel hot (also humid), you can just go to your place and stay there so you can be comfortable. If it is not comfy anymore inside your house, then maybe it is too warm (also humid). You can get a fan at home to help cool down the warm temperature inside of your house or room.



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