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The Trending Mobile Games of 2018?


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Even though there are criticisms about playing mobile video games, the craze is increasing day by day.  Whether it is kid or teenager or even 60+ aunties and uncles, the best companion and timepass nowadays are mobile games. We can not forget the dangerous video game blue whale because of which so many youngsters attempted and succeeded in suicide. So Mobile games are here whether the parents like it or not. Now let us see the trending mobile games of 2018.

PUBG Mobile – It is the latest addiction among youngsters. People find it difficult to come out of the urge to stop playing PUBG. It is adventure genre game. It has simple controls and rules with nice graphics. Lighter version of this game is PUBG lite with less graphics.

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Fortnite – It is also an adventurous game for Android mobile.  You can download it from Epic games instead of google play. This is the most popular android game of this year.

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Alto’s Odyssy – It is the next level game of Alto’s Adventure. It was initially available only in iOS. Now we can play freemium in Android also. Its graphics are beautiful and soundtrack is mind blowing.

Image – Alto’s Odyssy

Shadowgun Legends – It is a first person shooter game. Available both in iOS and Android for free. The playing itself is fantabulous as you pass through missions and solving puzzles to achieve your level of fame. It is the best shooter game in all play stores.

Image – Shadowgun Legends

Monument Valley – It is a puzzle cum adventure cum romantic game. The goal of the gamer is to control and protect the tiny princess Ida in her mysterious mission in a place named Monument Valley. The Monument Valley is made up of non-Euclidean structures and populated with black birds. In the game you have to guide Ida through the beautiful monuments to achieve her mission. It is a game with fantastic story, full of art and fabulous music, simple control system and excellent graphics. Player will love the playing experience of monument Valley.

image source -Monument Valley.


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