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Advika sharma

Professor | Posted 27 Jun, 2020 |

Tips to maintain your physical fitness during lockdown

mobile coderz

blogger | Posted 31 Jul, 2020

Best tips to maintain your physical fitness during lockdown:

  • running or any physical activity
  • meditation
  • read books
  • play indoor games with family.
  • watch movies/series.

George Whittington

Health Expert | Posted 30 Jul, 2020

Regular running, walking or cycling outside is a great way to stay healthy and active during the lockdown, though it is important to keep social distance and stay more than two metres away from others.


Posted 01 Jul, 2020

Do physical exercise daily, walk and many more things are available on Google. 

Rajat Rajput

@Rajat | Posted 01 Jul, 2020

This is the best time where one can focus on their physical fitness and health. Do regular exercises, perform yoga at your home. This will bring positivity to your mind and boost your confidence.


Posted 27 Jun, 2020

Do mindful exercise
Rehearsing attentive can assist with decreasing pressure and uneasiness, improve your memory, and help with focusing. Also, keeping up a careful life can profit your enthusiastic wellbeing, connections and relational abilities now and later on.
An extraordinary spot to begin with care is with some fundamental breathing activities. Take out one minute from your day to sit and concentrate on your breath. Notice the air going all through your noses as your chest rises and falls. In the event that your brain distracted, delicately welcome it back to concentrate on your relaxing.
Do Yoga
Yoga is useful for the body and brain, and it's something that pretty much anybody can do. Just as consuming calories and conditioning muscles, it invigorates you, adaptability, and a familiarity with your brain and body.
Yoga can also help in mindfulness with that as well. It urges you to unwind and concentrate on your breathing, invigorating your sensory system. Additionally, you're certain to have the option to discover an exercise that is reasonable for your wellness and capacity level.

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