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Hammad Mohsin

Seo Manager | Posted on | Science-Technology

Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Mobile Technology??


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Artificial intelligence has transformed the mobile technology in variant ways. It has given our phone a life through which we can interact and make use of its features in numerous ways. Because of this, every sector has boomed and made its work easier, be it travel, machinery, or telecom advertising. Android and iOS, both include various artificial intelligence apps which make you work get done quickly and precisely. In future, AI is coming up with chatbots, self-driving cars, virtual assistant etc.


• Artificial Intelligence combines with the internet of things which lets your device to communicate with each other. Smartphone Cameras are getting better in subject detection, in which one can focus on the subject which they actually want to show and blur the behind scenes.

• Face Unlock features in Smartphones have become popular with the launch of iPhone X. In this system, users face is detected to unlock the phone which needs unique face ID.

• High App Authentication is one more use of AI for transforming mobile technology. With the advancement of AI, the biggest concern for cyber security has been decreased.

• Creating App Marketing as for marketing people helps in doing whole research and analyze market and purchase history of the user. It helps to maintain large sets of data and deals with customers worldwide.

• AI helps in Translating Languages in Real-Time. The numerous translation apps available allow users to take an image of a text in one language and convert it into another language.

Thus, AI is on the way to transform not only mobile technology but it’s on a way to create new world full of artificial intelligence.


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