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What about the future of Hindu in Hindustan?


Army constable | Posted

Before getting into eventual fate of Indian Hindus I might want to make reference to not many focuses which has been occurring all through the nation. On the off chance that that is the situation, at that point we are going to confront a difficult stretch in future. Hindus in India have gotten egotistical and they need to fulfill their own deeds as opposed to considering celebrations.
During Ganesh Nimajanam/Immersion individuals assemble in numbers to drink liquor and it has become sitting spot. Barely any individuals will disclose to me it's their own decision. I am not against their own decision. I am against attitude of individuals who consider drinks on Ganesh Immersion.
Shiv-Rathri has become a day of devouring ***** and medications for the sake of god and rest entire day. Individuals have overlooked hugeness of Shiv-Rathri.
Navratri and playing Garba in nation has become a single night rendezvous. Again the importance of celebration isn't known.
Seemantham has become a hotshot gathering.
The rundown goes on… …
So going to the subject of what will be the fate of Indian Hindus. Gradually individuals are accepting celebration as self preferred position and avarice and the new age will never know the criticalness of celebration and this number will increment and half of the populace will be mum when the inquiries are posed on it. It's our obligation to follow the traditions appropriately and see that Santhana Dharma exists instead of getting terminated.
PS: Ik numerous individuals alleged pseudo-current will slam me or report my answer saying it's their daily routine let them experience how they need. Truly let them live yet one must regard the celebration and obligations alloted atleast on celebration!
धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः



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