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what are different types of paintings?


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There are many different types of paintings depending upon the painter’s or artisan’s interest. Every painting holds a beauty and value of its own. 
 Some common types of painting genres are discussed here:
•    Historical painting
These paintings draw inspiration from historical events like wars, ethnicity, tradition, mythology etc. They exhibit the event of the past which are momentous and worth remembering. 
•    Portrait painting
Portraits can be self portraits of portraits of others made live or with the help of some photograph. Portrait paintings require a great deal of skill and finish for a clean look. 
•    Landscape Painting
Landscapes or scenery painting are paintings of beaches, sunsets and many such backdrops that look soothing to eyes. These are loved by almost everyone and can be a great gifting option. 
•    Still Life Painting
Still life painting, also called as object painting is generally done by fine art students to understand the dimensions and light of the art form. These paintings are great if you want to capture a still picture on the canvas.

There are many other types of paintings that can be classified based on texture, finish, base of the painting, colors used etc. Buy the best of painting for decorating your dull and boring walls or gift them to your loved ones on special moments.



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Different types of Paintings

Paintings Relaxes the mind more many colours and painting options are there 

1. Water colour

2. Oil paints

3. Acrylic Colours

4. Postar Colour


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